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Book Synopsis Polish

Using a draft book blurb/synopsis you provide, we will research your genre and polish it to perfection to attract and captivate more readers.

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When it comes to grabbing a reader's attention, three things matter most: your cover, the quality of your book, and your book synopsis. If you invest time in nothing else when it comes to marketing, at the very least make sure your book synopsis (sometimes called a book blurb) is on point.

At LIAS, we strive to take your draft book synopsis and do what we do best: polish it to shine! This means we do the research on your book's genre, make sure we grasp the salient points of your story, and deliver a quality blurb that's ready to go.

The package includes 2 sets of revisions.

Our expertise, cost, and turnaround time

fantasy, romance (including paranormal), young adult (romance, dystopian, fantasy), and thrillers

$45 USD


A note on pricing: While we don't normally write blurbs from scratch, if you find you are really stuck, let us know when you reach out and we will work out a custom package to write the blurb for you.

2 days

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What authors say about us

“Thoroughness and attention to detail”

“Luna Imprints Author Services has built a great reputation with me by protecting my reputation with my readers. Alexa not only catches errors, omissions, redundancies, and duplications in the book she is currently proofreading, but she also crosschecked the latest one against its prequel and made sure that consistency was maintained across the series. In a side discussion we were having about scheduling, she made it clear that she places quality at the top of her priority queue. Me too. That’s why Alexa is the proofreader for the Alcubierre Metric Connection novels.”

Frank Merceret

Author of the Alcubierre Metric Connection series of hard sci-fi stories

Book Blurbs

This is the text that appears on your Amazon sales page or the back of your print book. We don't write those (usually). We improve on a draft that you  provide to us based on your book genre's reader expectations and our experience.

New Authors

If you're not sure where to start and are on a tight budget, fill out our form with your book details, and ask about our beginner's resources in the comments section.

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If you need more than one of the marketing services we offer, email us with your picks and we'll work out a bulk discount.