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Amazon Keywords

We research and optimize keywords that can increase your book's visibility on Amazon and land it in the hands of more readers.

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Similarly to category optimization, keyword optimization can be a low-cost marketing tactic that increases your book's visibility in the market. When you upload your book on Amazon, the dashboard asks you for 7 keywords that, believe it or not, can make a massive difference to how many readers find your book!

With this package, we'll ask you a series of questions about your book, and then we will research and provide you with 21 optimized keywords for your book. Why 21? Because Amazon although Amazon needs only 7, this leaves you with 14 to rotate throughout the year. (We recommend rotating the keywords every quarter.)

Our expertise, cost, and turnaround time

all fiction and non-fiction genres

$60 USD

Package includes:

  • 14 keywords for your eBook
  • 7 keywords for the paperback format of the same book


A note on pricing: The pricing above is per book. If you have a series, let us know and we can work out a series discount.

1 to 3 weeks

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What authors say about us

“Incredibly talented and knowledgeable”

“Alexa is one of the best beta readers I’ve ever worked with. Her comments are honest, in-depth, and helpful. I cannot recommend Alexa enough. She’s incredibly talented and knowledgeable and has frequently picked up on things I hadn’t even noticed! Not only that, but she helps me come up with ways to fix the issues that she raises. What she suggests never feels dictatorial either; it’s a two-way conversation where we bounce off each other to solve the problem. Any writer looking to take their book from ‘eh’ to ‘AMAZING’ should get Alexa’s help immediately.”

Kristina Adams

Author of What Happens in... and Hollywood Gossip series & more

Book Blurbs

This is the text that appears on your Amazon sales page or the back of your print book. We don't write those (usually). We improve on a draft that you  provide to us based on your book genre's reader expectations and our experience.

New Authors

If you're not sure where to start and are on a tight budget, fill out our form with your book details, and ask about our beginner's resources in the comments section.

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If you need more than one of the marketing services we offer, email us with your picks and we'll work out a bulk discount.