Whether you’ve just finished your first novel or your tenth (or fiftieth!), we're here to help.

We support authors in their self-publishing journey, from the first draft to the finished product, with coaching, editing, formatting, and marketing services.

We specialize in the following genres: fantasy, romance (all varieties, including paranormal), young adult (fantasy, romance, and dystopian), and thrillers.

Whatever your level of writing, we'll help you polish your novel to the best it can be. With Luna Imprints Author Services (LIAS), you can be sure to get professional services, one-on-one coaching, and a guiding hand along the journey that cares as much about your writing as you do.

Our Editing Services
The final set of eyes before formatting and publication take place! We'll help you get rid of all remaining typos and punctuation hiccups.
Copy Editing
We identify and fix spelling and grammar errors, tone and style inconsistencies, and awkward syntax while maintaining your author voice.
Developmental Editing
Our main focus will be the storyline, worldbuilding, character development, pacing, structural issues, etc. Includes an editorial report.
Beta Reading
We provide an overarching report that reviews what works and what doesn't in your story, based on the book genre's reader expectations.

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What authors say about us

“Her word is her bond, and her abilities are stellar”

“Alexa with Luna Imprints Author Services has been my only editor for eight books, ranging from historical fiction to paranormal mystery. She is incredibly thorough and professional. She does what she says she will do, in the time that she says she will do it. Her word is her bond, and her abilities are stellar. Highly recommended!”

Grace Colline

Author of Ladies of Lytchley

“A brilliant editor”

“Alexa is an editorial genius. She helped me transform my novel into a story I can be proud of. The great thing about Alexa is she tells you when you’ve done something well and provides constructive feedback when necessary. That’s the sign of a brilliant editor. I will definitely be returning to Alexa for future books in the series, and I highly recommend her services for any author looking to improve their manuscript and their craft.”

S. W. Millar

Urban Fantasy Author of The Witch's Revenge

“Helped make me a better writer”

“Working with Alexa not only improved the quality of my story, it also helped make me a better writer. She caught the things that didn’t work and gave ideas on how to improve them and pointed out the good things, too. This not only helps my confidence but also shows me what I’m doing right. I highly recommend her expertise and opinions and can’t wait to send her another job to work on.”

Brianna Cash

Author of Stars in the Sand duology

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Wrote or published a book, but confused about what to do next? Book a 1hr coaching call with Alexa to discuss anything related to writing, editing, or marketing.
Have you completed a final proofread? Are you ready to turn your manuscript into a polished eBook, print book, and/or eBook boxset? Then we can help!
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