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Beta Reading

Beta Reading

We provide an overarching report that reviews what works and what doesn't in your story, based on the book genre's reader expectations.

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If you've just finished your novel and want a professional opinion without a large investment, beta reading could be for you. You'll get an editorial report outlining the strengths/weaknesses of your novel with suggestions for areas of improvement, at a fraction of the cost of an editing package.

This package does not include in-text edits/tracked changes/comments in the manuscript, and it does not replace an edit. If you're a first-time author, we highly recommend a developmental edit instead.


Our expertise, cost, and turnaround time

fantasy, romance (including paranormal), young adult (romance, dystopian, fantasy), and thrillers

$85 for a novella (under 60k)

$195 for a full novel (60k-100k)

A note on pricing: If you choose to do a developmental edit following a beta read with us, the cost of the beta read will be deducted from your developmental edit total.

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1 week (might vary depending on novel length)

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What authors say about us

“Helped make me a better writer”

“Working with Alexa not only improved the quality of my story, it also helped make me a better writer. She caught the things that didn’t work and gave ideas on how to improve them and pointed out the good things, too. This not only helps my confidence but also shows me what I’m doing right. I highly recommend her expertise and opinions and can’t wait to send her another job to work on.”

Brianna Cash

Author of Stars in the Sand duology


Pricing is in US dollars and is subject to change. Manuscript length and complexity can lead to additional charges. We will always contact you before proceeding in such cases.

English Proficiency

We do not accept manuscripts with a poor mastery of the English language. If you are unsure, please send us the first chapter of your work. Any misrepresentation of the complexity of your novel will lead to your order being cancelled.


Unless otherwise specified on your invoice, turnaround for the majority of our packages is 2-3 weeks. We can accommodate urgent requests, but there will be an additional rush fee. Please contact us in advance.