Have questions about writing or marketing your books? We have answers. We can coach you via Zoom.

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Do you have questions about writing, editing, or marketing books? Maybe you've just published your first one and you're stuck on what to do next?

You can hire us to coach you, no matter where you are in your writing career. Alexa has worked with best-selling authors in various genres and has a keen understanding of the publishing market, reader expectations, and what it's like to be starting off as an author. Whether you want to pick her brain about early steps to success, talk out obstacles you've encountered, or brainstorm ideas for marketing, she can help!

Our expertise, cost, and turnaround time

Most fiction and non-fiction genres

$50 per hour


A note on pricing: If you used our editing or formatting services, ask us about the recurring client hourly rate.

Typically booked a week in advance of the scheduled appointment

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What authors say about us

“Thoroughness and attention to detail”

“Luna Imprints Author Services has built a great reputation with me by protecting my reputation with my readers. Alexa not only catches errors, omissions, redundancies, and duplications in the book she is currently proofreading, but she also crosschecked the latest one against its prequel and made sure that consistency was maintained across the series. In a side discussion we were having about scheduling, she made it clear that she places quality at the top of her priority queue. Me too. That’s why Alexa is the proofreader for the Alcubierre Metric Connection novels.”

Frank Merceret

Author of the Alcubierre Metric Connection series of hard sci-fi stories

Zoom Call

We will meet via Zoom for a 1hr video conference. It can be recorded upon request (please let us know before the meeting begins). Zoom is a free software that you can install on your computer, tablet, or cellphone.


To make the best use of our time, please come prepared with a list of questions or problems to address. It's best if you can send your list of questions 24-48hrs in advance to Alexa, in case she needs to research a particular topic.


Payment for the call will be taken up front, prior to the call. If no payment is received, the call will be canceled and you will be responsible to reschedule it.