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Amazon Categories

We deliver a suggested list of categories that can increase your book's visibility on Amazon and land it in the hands of more readers.

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Whether you're planning to be Amazon-exclusive via their KDP Select program, or planning to publish "wide" on all retailers, one fact remains true: Amazon owns a huge piece of the book market. And while explaining how Amazon's gears work behind the scenes could be the subject of a novel (check out David Gaughran's Amazon Decoded for more), we like to stick to the simple bits. Namely, category optimization.

With this package, we will ask you a series of questions about your book, and then we will research and provide you with the best categories suited for your book to increase its visibility on Amazon. We will focus on the USA and UK markets as they are the most popular at this time, and you will receive 6 categories per market, per book format (eBook or paperback), giving you some extra categories to swap out throughout the year.

Our expertise, cost, and turnaround time

all fiction and non-fiction genres

$75 USD

Package includes:

  • 6 categories for your eBook in the USA market
  • 6 categories for your paperback in the USA market
  • 6 categories for your eBook in the UK market
  • 6 categories for your paperback in the UK market
  • a template for submitting these categories to Amazon

A note on pricing:  
The pricing above is per book. If you have a series, let us know and we can work out a series discount.

1 to 3 weeks

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This is the text that appears on your Amazon sales page or the back of your print book. We don't write those (usually). We improve on a draft that you  provide to us based on your book genre's reader expectations and our experience.

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