The Power of Coaching in Novel Writing: Streamlining Your Drafting and Editing Journey

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As a developmental editor and avid reader of almost every genre out there, I’ve seen firsthand how coaching can transform a novel from a rough draft to a polished masterpiece. Whether you’re struggling with plot issues, character development, or simply need guidance on the writing process, coaching can be a game-changer.

Ironing out plot issues

Coaching can help you identify and address plot holes, inconsistencies, and pacing problems, ensuring a more engaging and coherent narrative. An experienced editor can offer suggestions for strengthening your plot twists, character motivations, and conflict resolution. This doubly comes in handy because by ensuring you have a solid plot from the get-go, you will save yourself massive rewrites down the line, and thus reach your publishing goals much faster. Plus, whether you’re looking to self-publish your book or traditionally publish it, having a solid plot is a must.

Crafting compelling characters

Readers fall in love with characters, and they’re who keep them returning to series – and authors – time and time again. Eventually, you will develop a solid fanbase who will devour anything you publish. But when you’re starting out, there’s no surer way to shoot yourself in the foot than by crafting boring, cliche characters that readers can’t emotionally connect with.

Talking to an editor who’s also an avid reader can help you work through character arcs and issues. Together, you can explore ways to deepen character development, create more realistic dialogue, and craft relatable motivations that drive the plot forward and grow your novel leads into living, breathing, relatable characters for your novel.

Smoother developmental editing

Whether you’re starting out or already on your fifth novel, you can always learn and improve from a developmental edit. But sometimes editors get really rough drafts of a novel, which culminate into lengthy lists of fixes the author needs to address before the book is ever ready for publication.

Coaching can make the developmental editing process much smoother by identifying and addressing potential issues early on. This collaborative approach allows you to refine your ideas, solidify your writing voice, and create a more cohesive manuscript. Plus, if you’re already sure of your story, you can also use coaching as a way to learn some self-editing tips and tricks from a professional in the industry.

Additional benefits of coaching:

  • Accountability and motivation: Regular coaching sessions can help you stay focused, meet deadlines, and maintain momentum throughout the writing process.
  • Industry insights: An experienced editor can share knowledge on the publishing industry, market trends, and reader expectations, helping you tailor your work for success.
  • Personalized guidance: Coaching provides one-on-one attention, addressing your unique writing needs and concerns.


Coaching can be a transformative experience for novel writers, helping you overcome creative obstacles, refine your craft, and produce a manuscript you can be proud of. If you’re struggling with your draft or looking for guidance on the editing process, consider make use of our coaching sessions. You can purchase as-needed sessions, bi-weekly, or weekly ones, and bundle discounts are available.

With the right support, you can take your writing to the next level and create a novel that resonates with readers.

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