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The final set of eyes before formatting and publication take place! We'll help you get rid of all remaining typos and punctuation hiccups.

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Proofreading can be done in one or two stages and is usually the last check on your novel before publication. We say one or two stages because all authors and books are different. In general, most editing standards recommend one proofread before the book files are formatted, and a second proofread on the final set of files (.epub for eBook and .pdf for print). At LIAS, we do the former, and we can definitely help you with the latter, as well. The difference is there is no way to annotate an .epub or a .pdf, so rather than tracked changes (as you would get with a normal proofread), you would receive a report with the location (for .epub) or the page number (for .pdf) of the typos.

If you're hiring a formatter, we highly recommend doing all the proofreading beforehand. Multiple revisions to formatted files can incur additional charges.

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fantasy, romance (including paranormal), young adult (romance, dystopian, fantasy), and thrillers

$0.02 per word

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1-2 weeks for a novella (60K and under)
2-3 weeks for a novel (60K and over)

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What authors say about us

“No problem slips through the cracks”

“Alexa goes by the title of editor, but I refer to her by something more apt: Magician. I send her a beta read draft with demographic info and a blurb, and she polishes it to a shiny gem and gives me the advice to form it into a precious product. Along with experience, she has the perspective of a reader, writer, editor, and socially aware person. When all of those are applied, no problem slips through the cracks. When she edits, she tries every possibility for you and not just whichever one she likes so you can make a choice. To top it all off, she types a 4000+ word critique and gives you an hour of video call to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly. Since Alexa is also a fan of great work, you leave every interaction feeling like a quality writer with a clear set of paths to showing that in your writing—you need only to pick the trails you like most.”

Jared Griffin

Author of The Perpetual Circadian Rhythm and the Nightmare Judicator series


Pricing is in US dollars and is subject to change. Manuscript length and complexity can lead to additional charges. We will always contact you before proceeding in such cases.

English Proficiency

We do not accept manuscripts with a poor mastery of the English language. If you are unsure, please send us the first chapter of your work. Any misrepresentation of the complexity of your novel will lead to your order being cancelled.


Unless otherwise specified on your invoice, turnaround for the majority of our packages is 2-3 weeks. We can accommodate urgent requests, but there will be an additional rush fee. Please contact us in advance.