Ebook boxset formatting

eBoxset Formatting

Do you have multiple eBooks? Want them combined in a boxset? We can format the eBook bundle for you!

Is this service right for you?

If you have two or more fiction books that have been polished and proofread (and possibly already formatted), we can help you combine those eBooks into one professionally formatted bundle of eBooks (usually called a boxset or an eBoxset).

Please note: This service is NOT for print boxsets.

Prior to booking this service, we recommend you review our blog post on the formatting process to get an idea of how it all works, then you can go ahead and submit your book information via our form.

Our expertise, cost, and turnaround time

all fiction genres

​Novels that were previously formatted with us will pay a discounted $25 per book to be included in the set.

Example: A boxset of 3 books would be $25 x 3 = $75 total cost.​

New novels that were not previously formatted with us cost $80 per book to be included in the set.

Example: A boxset of 3 books would be $80 x 3 = $240 total cost.

A note on pricing: Our prices are valid for fiction books up to 90K words, with no complex formatting needs. Your manuscript might incur additional charges if it's:

  • in rough shape (containing manual hyphens or manual spacing)
  • significantly longer than 90K
  • requires extensive formatting work (due to pictures, lists, or tables)
  • or hasn't been proofread (therefore might lead to extra revisions)
3 weeks

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Boxsets: if you want to create one bundle containing 3 eBooks, enter 3 here and select a boxset formatting option below.
Non-fiction books: please request a quote here.
Estimated Cost:
Estimated cost subject to change. You can request an official quote here.

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What authors say about us

“Concise, professional, and efficient!”

“Alexa proofed my manuscript for Queen’s Edge and polished it to perfection! Quick, concise, and efficient. I highly recommend her to anyone.”

Elle Beaumont

Author of The Hunter fantasy series


All revisions of minor errors in the manuscript are free for two weeks after delivery. Past that point, a nominal charge will be arranged based on the number of errors to be corrected.

Rough Files

Source files that require extensive repairs due to creator errors will be subject to an additional charge. Examples include, but are not limited to: manual hyphenation, extra spacing, and improper line breaks.


It is highly recommended that you complete a final proofread of your file before formatting begins.