The Book Formatting Process

As self-publishing has gained more ground in the last few years, we’ve received more and more questions from authors who are confused about the book formatting process. And it’s no wonder! Between trim sizes, last typos, and figuring out where the cover design comes in, it can get complicated! So, we thought we’d outline a little what the process is like for us, and how you can help us when we’re formatting your book.

Why does Formatting Matter?

Why does formatting matter? Because you want to sell books. You don’t edit yourself, or design the cover yourself, because those require specific skills. The same is true of formatting. Don’t sell your book short when it’s so close to being shared with the world.

Different Types of Editing and Why They Matter

As a fellow writer, I’ll be the first to admit it took me a while to get the hang of the different types of editing packages available out there, and even more specifically, which is the best one for me. So I’ll start by sharing a little, hard-earned lesson: ask your questions. If you’re not […]

Developmental Editing Packages with LIAS

Developmental editing (dev edits, as I fondly call it) is, easily, one of the biggest investments you’ll do in your writing. Most writers make do without it, focusing on those pesky typos instead via a proofread. But what about character development? Story arc? Pacing? World building? These things are just as important and unless your […]